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Novembertristesse 2024
« on: February 16, 2024, 07:27:21 PM »
Dear all,

we'd like to invite you to Novembertristesse 24 our annual DBMM-tournament in November

DBMM 2.1 Rules & current Commentaries ( – 400 AP
Armies from 500 BC to 476 AD only (Period of Book 2)

November 2024: Friday, 1st from 5 pm to Sunday, 3rd at about 4 pm

Willi-Salzmann Halle – Heldenbergerstr.16, 61130 Nidderau, Germany
Nidderau is about 43 km away from Frankfurt Airport and is accessable by train.
Transfers can be arranged.

to be submitted to additz add web dot de until September, 30th the latest   
A delayed list will cause a deduction of 5 VP
If no list is submitted this will cause a deduction of 20 VP

Playing time
Each game ends immediately after 3,5 hours.
All unsettled combats are to be executed, if the game is in that phase at that time.

The Runners & Riders will be announced in advance – but disconnected.
There will be a price for that gamer who can assign the most gamers to their armies correctly.

Saturday 9 am – 12:30 pm 4 pm – 7:30 pm
Sunday 8:30 am – 12 am 1 pm – 4:30 pm
Award ceremony: 4:45 pm

Visit the Saalburg
Between the first and secound game is the opportunity to visit the Saalburg.
It is a reconstructed Roman Fort near Bad Homburg: time of travel approx. 35 min each way.
There is a Roman taverna inside the fort which offers Roman food.
If you want to visit the castle please state “Saalburg” at your registration (see below).

Joint Dinner on saturday
On saturday evening we will have dinner together at
Landgasthof Carolus
starting at 8pm

other food on saturday
On sunday you have the chance to get something to bite either
- Inside venue-building "Hessenschmaus"
- Sushi & Asiatisch: "Tea Su"
- Kebap & Pizza: "Urfa Kebap-Haus"
- Bakery: Philipp’s Backstube (only open on Saturday until 12:30 am)
  (all these places are within a 10min walk of the venue)


Tournament fee:    
42,-€ - Beverages (Beer, Softdrinks & Coffee) are included.

automatically with incoming payment

Money transfer:    
Please transfer the fee with the keyword „Novembertristesse 24“ or “Saalburg”
until September, 30th to
DE08 6009 0800 0005 1112 99 / GENODEF1S02 / Axel Heinz /
Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg eG

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me either in this forum or at
additz add web dot de



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