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DBMM Opponents - Huddersfield West Yorks
« on: December 21, 2007, 12:50:06 PM »

We are a smallish group of DBMM gamers who meet every Monday evening at my house just outside Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
Given our current space constraints we are currently playing a lot of DBMM200, but hope to have 2x 6'x4' tables set up in my garage early in the New Year. We have a range of armies, mostly Medieval Eastern European, in 15mm and are always interested in recruiting new members or getting in touch with local(ish)opponents..
We recently won best club demo game at "Targe" in Kirriemuir for our Nicopolis DBMM game.
Drop me a line if you fancy coming along for a game some time..

Bob Mcleish