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Old Glory 15s
« on: February 01, 2009, 03:52:59 AM »

I have a lot of time for Old Glory 15s. The Nikephorian Byzantine army I took to Cancon 2009 was entirely Old Glory 15s.

The figures look horribly chunky when unpainted, but painting them seems to smooth them out, especially if you give them a brown wash.

There is a major problem with the figures, however. The riders don't fit their horses, and I mean they *seriously* don't fit. The space between the riders' legs is way too narrow to accomodate the horses. It's so serious I wonder what sort of quality control they did before they started their production runs - the problem has occured with all the OG mounted I've bought. Having said that, plenty of carving with a hobby knife did the trick, and the Nikephorian cavalry looks superb.