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Middle Frankish internal allies
« on: September 07, 2011, 03:47:21 PM »
There's a lot in this list which appears to be taken for granted, which I think could benefit from being spelled out in the list notes.

The general issue is this: what troops can an internal ally command?

The list notes simply say that the ally must command at least a quarter of the compulsory minima and no more than a third of the compulsory maxima, but can also command non-compulsory troops.

Now logically speaking, I'd interpret this to mean that the ally general commands "All and only" troops of his region (to quote a term used with other lists), assuming he's from a different region than his C-in-C. But the notes don't actually specify this. There doesn't seem to be anything preventing, say, a Burgundian ally from commanding some Austrasian troops in addition to his compulsory Burgundians.

What does the Brains Trust think?