Strongbow's Shield 08 DBMM


Competitor Army Position Score Ranking Rating
Stephen Brittain Sui Chinese and Early T'ang Chinese 1 58.00 100.00 2,000
Jan van Embden Zanj Revolt 2 55.00 91.00 2,000
John Brittain Warring States and Ch'in Chinese 3 50.00 82.00 2,000
Mark Gibson Alexandrian Imperial 4 49.00 73.00 2,000
Michael Hession Sung Chinese 5 36.00 64.00 2,000
Phil Waldron Hindu Indian 6 35.00 55.00 2,000
Richard Murphy Early Byzantine 7 34.00 46.00 2,000
Padraig Bracken Western Chou and Spring and Autumn Chinese 8 32.00 37.00 2,000
Edmond Barrett West Frankish or Norman 8 32.00 37.00 2,000
Brian Ronayne Ghaznavid 10 28.00 19.00 2,000
Michael Whelan Ilkhanid 11 27.00 10.00 2,000
Gary Barr Maurikian Byzantine 12 14.00 1.00 2,000


Rob Brennan


No stand-ins

Rating is the initial Glicko rating of each player at the start of the competition.

Total rating of all players in this competition was 24000

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