PAW 2008 25mm


Competitor Army Position Score Ranking Rating
Richard Jeffrey-Cook Marian Roman 1 75.00 80.00 1,987
Jimmy Walton Early Imperial Roman 2 56.00 68.71 2,000
Steve Price Seleucid 3 52.00 57.43 2,000
Kevin Jackson Minoan and Early Mycenaean 4 51.00 46.14 2,000
Colin Evans Later Carthaginian 5 40.00 34.86 2,000
Mike Woods Tupi 6 22.00 23.57 2,000
Keith McGlynn Neo-Assyrian Later Sargonid 7 14.00 12.29 2,000
Andy Unwin 8 13.00 1.00 2,000


No umpires


No stand-ins

Rating is the initial Glicko rating of each player at the start of the competition.

Total rating of all players in this competition was 15987

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