The table below summarises the usage and results of each army in rated competitions where such details have been supplied.

It is in book then list number order.

The version column shows if it is the DBM or DBMM version of the army list. Only armies that have been used are included. You can click on the name of an individual army to get a detailed record of that individual armies use to date.

The total number of recorded matches (games) played with the army in all competitions is shown and the average 25 point score in those games which used the 0-25 scoring system.

The middle columns show the percentage of games "won", "drawn" and "lost" for each army. For the moment the winner is simply the player with the higher score in the game and hence under 0-25 scoring there are no draws.

Each army's current Top Dog player handicap is also shown. This depends upon the army's average points per game and the number of games it has been used in. For more details on the Top Dog handicap system devised by Dean Bedlington please see here. Remember that your final Top Dog is calculated as 2/3 of your player handicap plus 1/3 of your army's handicap. Note that for some early competitions no round by round data is available and hence these statistics are all listed as "N/A".

Book List Name Version Total Avg. Score Top Dog % Won % Drawn % Lost
2 80 Hunnic DBMM 2 13.66 13.66 39 25 33
3 13 Avar DBMM 2 12.60 10.60 36 27 37
3 20 Sui Chinese and Early T'ang Chinese DBMM 2 13.88 15.88 38 27 33
3 29 Thematic Byzantine DBMM 4 14.49 12.49 30 53 16
3 39 Late T'ang and Five Dynasties Chinese DBMM 2 11.53 9.53 30 23 47
3 45 Pre-Feudal Scots DBMM 2 12.24 10.24 30 31 39
3 65 Nikephorian Byzantine DBMM 2 15.63 15.63 41 35 22
3 72 Anglo-Danish DBMM 4 9.88 7.88 17 29 54
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