Akkadian and Third Dynasty of Ur

Date Competition Round Player(s) Score Opponent(s) Opposing Army
2018-07-08 DBMM100 2018 1 Ian Sims

0.00 - 1.00 Neil Sutherland

Middle Assyrian and Early Neo Assyrian
2018-07-08 DBMM100 2018 2 Ian Sims

2.00 - 2.00 Lawrence Greaves

Western Chou and Spring and Autumn Chinese
2018-07-08 DBMM100 2018 3 Ian Sims

1.00 - 1.00 David Mather

Early Achaemenid Persian
2018-07-08 DBMM100 2018 4 Ian Sims

3.00 - 3.00 Steve Rathgay

Neo Hittite and Later Aramean
2018-07-08 DBMM100 2018 5 Ian Sims

2.00 - 1.00 John Fry

Mannaian and Other Taurus and Zagros Highland States
2019-01-12 Milton Keynes One Dayer 2019 1 Steve Scott

10.00 - 15.00 Simon Alders

2019-01-12 Milton Keynes One Dayer 2019 1 Marc Priest

3.00 - 22.00 Thom Richardson

New Kingdom Egyptian
2019-01-12 Milton Keynes One Dayer 2019 2 Marc Priest

4.00 - 21.00 Martyn Simpson

New Kingdom Egyptian
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