Northern League

R5 Northern League 15mm 2011


Competitor Army Position Score Ranking Rating
Geoff Pearson Later Swiss 1 40.00 80.00 1,908
Brian Pierpoint Later Swiss 1 40.00 80.00 2,108
Chris Jolley Late Imperial Roman 2 38.00 64.20 2,032
John Fletcher Seleucid 3 24.00 48.40 2,106
Steve Mills Seleucid 3 24.00 48.40 2,021
David Thompson Libyan Egyptian 4 23.00 32.60 2,187
Keith Nathan Paekche and Kaya Korean 5 15.00 16.80 1,979
Thom Richardson Paekche and Kaya Korean 5 15.00 16.80 1,990
Keith Murphy Later Achaemenid Persian 6 10.00 1.00 1,803
Tim Kohler Later Achaemenid Persian 6 10.00 1.00 1,788


No umpires


No stand-ins

Rating is the initial Glicko rating of each player at the start of the competition.

Total rating of all players in this competition was 19922

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