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DBMM Rankings

Celtic Championship

Celtic Championship 2013


Competitor Army Position Score Ranking Rating
Mark Gibson Teutonic Orders 1 77.00 100.00 2,053
Ian Austin Navarrese 2 59.00 91.00 2,129
David Houston Dacian and Carpi 3 57.00 82.00 2,107
William Coughlan Seljuq Turk 4 54.00 73.00 2,049
Jan van Embden Wars of the Roses and Tudor English 5 54.00 64.00 2,094
Tony Bergin Ilkhanid 6 52.00 55.00 2,011
Ian Mackay Seljuq Turk 7 51.00 46.00 2,056
Richard Murphy Wars of the Roses and Tudor English 8 51.00 37.00 1,944
Tom Worden Asiatic Early Successor 9 48.00 28.00 1,972
Michael Hession Middle Imperial Roman 10 47.00 19.00 2,088
Brian Bull Welsh 11 45.00 10.00 2,007
Tommy Worden Sung Chinese 12 5.00 1.00 1,765


David Houston


Seamus McKenna for Mark Gibson

Rating is the initial Glicko rating of each player at the start of the competition.

Total rating of all players in this competition was 24275

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