Celtic Championship

Celtic Championship 2012


Competitor Army Position Score Ranking Rating
Mike Bennett Buyid or other Dailami Dynasties 1 73.00 100.00 2,124
Richard Aynsley Seleucid 2 73.00 91.00 2,120
Ian Mackay Hunnic 3 63.00 82.00 2,062
Seamus McKenna Thracian 4 56.00 73.00 2,029
Ian Austin Late Imperial Roman 5 54.00 64.00 2,143
Colin Sharpe Post-Mongol Samurai 6 54.00 55.00 2,034
Michael Hession Free Company or Armagnac 7 50.00 46.00 2,066
Mark Gibson Nikephorian Byzantine 8 50.00 37.00 2,081
Jan van Embden Early Carthaginian 9 49.00 28.00 2,089
Brian Bull Burgundian Ordonnance 10 46.00 19.00 2,002
Richard Murphy Central Asian City-States 11 25.00 10.00 1,963
Tom Worden Wallachian or Moldavian 12 7.00 1.00 1,977


David Houston


No stand-ins

Rating is the initial Glicko rating of each player at the start of the competition.

Total rating of all players in this competition was 24690

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